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[TULAG] Iris by Moonlight, Ch. I
    It was mid-morning-Tuesday in the springtime… and, there I was, at Hyde Park, the greenest, most nature-riffic area, in the city.  What I was doing there, I really didn’t know.  It seemed like a good way to spend some time and kill some boredom… and, from the look of things, I was right on the money, on both counts.
    There was the usual assortment of people at the park, that day.  Some guys having a lunchtime barbecue… loving couples, being affectionate… elderly people being, um… elderly…  There were even a few kids playing on the various pieces of playground equipment, there.  I can’t say I’d really expected to see kids since it was a weekday and all… but, it was amusing to watch them play Tag and such.  Ah… but, I forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I?
    My name is Joseph.  Joseph Lithius.  And, I’m just some random fox who
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[Fanfic] ANB - Something Different, Ch. II
    “I… think I missed something, there,” Joseph said once he and Amber were a block away from Aisty.  “Did I miss something?”
    The vixen replied with a light giggle.  “Nothing important, Joseph.”
    “Uh… if you say so…”
    Leaving that up in the air, the two foxes continued to walk together, one or the other occasionally sipping on their hot beverage while they talked about a few different things.
    “So, uh, what’s the deal with you and Aisty, anyway?”
    Amber perked, her ears jolting upright and fur bristling.  “I beg your pardon…?”
    “Uh…”  The male fox gave a blink.  “I mean, like… you two are roomies, right?”
    “Oh…”  The vixen calmed herself with a sigh.  “Yes, Aisty and I have bee
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[Fanfic] ANB - Something Different, Ch. I
    “I can’t believe you talked me into this, Aisty…”
    An orange-furred fox-lady was conversing with her friend, a black-and-white husky girl with feathery wings coming out of her back.  Though the fox was visibly concerned with the situation she’d be pulled into, the husky seemed to be all-grins…
    “It’ll be fine!” she said, giving her friend a light nudge on the shoulder.
    “But, what if it isn’t…?” the fox asked with a frown.  “I’ve never done anything like this, before…  What if I mess it up?”
    “Relaaax, Amber…”  Aisty offered a friendly smile.  “I’m sure you’ll do just fine!”
    “But, what if–”
    Amber gave a blink as she found herself silenced by a hand on her muzzle.  She noticed Aisty was still
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[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Epilogue
    It had been a month since everything had happened… but Joseph still found himself questioning everything… wondering why it had to be that way.  On that particular day, the fox found himself sitting inside of a large, empty cathedral.  Though he wasn’t particularly religious, something about the serenity within and the stained glass interpretations of the Trinity Above always made him feel peaceful…
    “It just doesn’t make any sense…” he quietly said, to himself, as he sat in the front row of the pews, staring at the floor.  “Hope was a good person…  The only harm she ever did to anyone was in self-defense – and, even then, she felt really bad about it, later…  She was always so cheerful and happy… she frequently worked to help people… and, she just… she really lived up to her name, always giving people hope… 
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Mature content
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. VI :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. V :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. IV :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. III
    The drive into the city was a long, slow one that seemed to take forever… but, the fox figured it felt that way because he was still so tense from the earlier events.  He was angry, confused, and found the whole situation to be extremely unfair… and, part of him thought that, maybe, he might be able to talk some sense into Hope’s ‘owner,’ whomever that might be…  It was a long shot… but, it was the best plan he had, at the time.
    After the long drive, the two police vehicles and the fox’s own compact car pulled into a large police station nestled deep in the downtown area of Masamune City.  He had no interest in the nearby goings-on as he watched Agent Lyra climb out of her car and retrieve Hope’s deactivated frame.  He did notice she seemed to be waiting for him, however – something he could appreciate… even if he didn’t like her, much.  Once he’d wa
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[EoR] Year 2043 - Attune Your Heart
    “I’ll be back in an hour, Kris.  I’m having lunch with Liz, today.  Enjoy your break away from me, huh?  Love ya!”
    An auburn-furred vixen with mismatched eyes stared down at her pre-wrapped sandwich as she sat in the cafeteria lounge of her college.  For some reason, she just couldn’t find her appetite…  It seemed like her boyfriend had been actively avoiding her, despite being so friendly at school and at home.  Moreover, she’d noticed that the male fox had been spending quite a lot of time around their mutual friend, Eliza, for at least a couple of months, if not more.  Though she had no proof as to what was happening, the fact that he was spending so much time with Eliza… combined with how cheerful and downright energized he’d been acting…  Well, it painted a rather nasty picture in her head – one she didn’t like thin
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Mature content
[EoR] Year 2043 - Attune Your Ears :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. II :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2053 - Found and Lost, Ch. I :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2050 - Bloody Knuckles, Ch. II :iconjosephcollins:JosephCollins 0 0
[EoR] Year 2050 - Bloody Knuckles, Ch. I
    “I’ve been thinking about that fight we had…”
    Joseph winced, his ears folding as he looked at the taller figure of Carlos, a newer… and, very unlikely acquaintance.  He’d come over, unannounced, that evening and seemed to have something on his mind, considering his opening statement…
    “You’re not a real great fighter, Joseph,” the black wolf continued, causing the fox to tilt his head.  “You’re slippery… but, once I got you, you stayed got.”
    The fox jolted back as Carlos shoved a motorcycle helmet and some safety gear into his arms.  He took a moment to look it over… then, he glanced back toward Carlos.  The wolf had a stony look on his face.
    “Put this on,” he said as he turned toward the motorcycle he’d parked nearby.  “You and I are going somewhere.”
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[ToonTown] Stains of Orange
    If you were to tell Joseph that he would be spending the last Sunday of September driving up to Lancaster with one of his co-workers, he’d probably just nod because… as it just so happened, one of his co-workers did ask him to tag along, on a such a journey.
    “I really appreciate you coming with me, on such short notice,” the driver of the small, blue, human-made sedan told her companion.
    “I don’t really mind,” the fox replied from his seat, curiously watching the driver work the extended pedals of the vehicle, as they drove.  “But, Fawn…  Why did you need someone to go with you?”
    “Well,” she said without taking her eyes off the road, “you can never be too safe, when visiting a prison…”
    “You’d think there would be plenty of security at the Cali State Prison, though…”
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[ToonTown] Swim Date
    Joseph rested with his arms crossed, leaning back with one knee up on the dashboard of the pick-up truck where he sat.  He didn’t want to admit it… but, he was a little nervous.  Something about his present situation seemed… off
    “Hey, Joseph!”
    A familiar voice called to the fox as he finished his Thursday shift, at Joe’s.  He was just about to head on his way home when he’d heard it.  The fox looked toward the sound of the voice, squinting from behind his fit-over sunglasses.
    “Oh, hey,” he greeted as the voice’s owner, Mona, jogged toward him.
    “I’m glad I caught you!” the lizard lady said with a bright smile.  “I was wondering…  Do you want to go somewhere, with me, this weekend?”
    Joseph’s ears gave a flick. 
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Hey, folks.  I've got some good news.

As some of you may have noticed, I've been going pretty heavy with the commas, lately.  Well, the thing about that is… Grammarly, the grammar-checking service and sole grammar-checker for my stories, very rarely corrected me on the use of commas.  Since commas are used when a pause in a thought happens, I was throwing them around like they were going out-of-style.  All-the-while, though, I knew that something was wrong.  My use of commas just... didn't feel right.  I knew I was over-using them and neither Grammarly nor any single person told me otherwise.  So, I finally decided to do something about it.

Earlier today, I ran a Google search for a tutorial or a crash course on the comma.  To my great fortune, the first thing that popped up was Purdue University's Conquering the Comma PowerPoint Presentation.  While I didn't agree with everything written there, I think those 26 pages of information were enough to break me of my "comma curse."  Now, all I need to do is put it into practice – something I hope to do in the near-future.

Wish me luck, gang,


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